Remix Mini by Jide

I purchased a Remix Mini by Jide a few days ago and it is performing as expected – good but not great.  The Remix costs about $70 on Amazon and comes with a power supply and a HDMI video cable.  It has an HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports, an audio connection for headphones, an RJ45 port, and a connection for the power supply.  I have a really cheap TV and hoped that it would work as a monitor but it did not because it was hard on the eyes even after a number of adjustments.  In its place I am using a SE310 LED monitor by Samsung and it works great.

The setup of the Remix was quick and easy with only a few questions to answer and as with all Android devices you need a Google account.  It found my house wireless without issue and later at another house it found their wireless router just as easily.  Now I have moved the Remix out to my ham radio shack and have a poor connection with my wireless router about 70 feet away.  That is quickly fixed by using my cell phone as a hot spot.  The keyboard and mouse I use are both wired so they occupy the two USB ports on the Remix.   As with my Rasberry Pi I will try a USB hub so I can have more USB ports available.




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