Raspberry Pi PuTTY Network Error Connection Refused

Just a quick mention on an update to Raspberry Pi running Raspbian… I recently used apt-get to update and upgrade and found out a few hours later that I could not SSH into my RPi using PuTTY.  Internet searches revealed that it was a common problem but not a new one.  In other words my update/upgrade wasn’t the source of the problem – it’s a problem that happens regularly.  After a couple of hours of various tweaks I discovered that SSH was not enabled.  Here is how to do it…

Type sudo raspi-config and you will get the following screen.

Use the arrow key to move down to item number 5 – Interfacing Options. Now press enter and you will get the following screen.

Arrow down to P2 – SSH and press enter.  The last screen is presented below.

Make sure <Yes> is highlighted in red then press enter.

Now you will see a screen confirming that SSH Server is enabled and from there you can navigate out of the configuration tool.   Hopes this helps get your SSH service back up and running.



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