A Fix for LoTW Password Problem

A few days ago my LoTW password stopped working so I tried the “Forgot Password” option but got no reply from the system.  On September 25 I emailed their help desk and got a response on September 29.  A new password checking routine, implemented on September 19, is to blame for the problem.  Here is the email reply from lotw-help@arrl.org.

Hello Pat,

Some new security features were recently implemented and now the passwords are lower case.

If you do not know your password for logging into your LoTW account, please go to the LoTW log-in page and click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link. 

(Follow the instructions.  A new randomly-generated password will be issued and sent to the email address on file.)

Once you have your new randomly-generated password, and you wish to change your password to something you are more comfortable with, please follow the instructions below.

Log into your LoTW account.

Click on YOUR ACCOUNT (yellow block near top right).

Click on Change Password (yellow block on left).

LoTW web site password selection rules:

  • The password you select can be as short as 8 characters if it contains at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter and one digit.
  • The password you select will need to be at least 10 characters long if composed entirely of lower (or upper) case letters.
  • The password you select may not contain your LoTW username.
  • The password you select may not contain common (“dictionary”) words.
  • The password you select will be case sensitive.  

(If you choose all upper case when creating the password, the new password must be entered as upper case when logging into your LoTW account.  If you choose upper & lower, the new password must be entered as upper & lower case when logging into your LoTW account.)

“Dictionary words” are like Icom, ham radio, callsigns, etc. 

(If you have these types of words in your password now, do NOT change the existing password because you will not be allowed to use those types of words in the future.)

Thank you.


ARRL released information about the problem here: http://www.arrl.org/news/lotw-password-checking-change-causes-problems-for-some-users.



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